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The Terms & Conditions mentioned here would form the basis of your contract with www.holidays-thailand.co.uk that will cover the purchase of any of our products or services. You may go through our stipulations that clearly lay down your rights and obligations. This contract is with Holidays-Thailand that has its registered office at 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT. Registered in England and Wales with company number.

Your Holiday Contract

As you make a booking with us, do ensure that you have the authority to accept the same on behalf of other members for whom you make the reservation. It comes into action soon as you make the payment which is subsequently accepted by us and verified with a confirmation invoice. (In some cases, you may be asked to make full payment and you will be advised about the same at the time of making your reservation). The contract will be governed in line with the English Laws and would be covered under the jurisdiction of English Courts. At the same time, you will have the option of choosing the jurisdiction of the courts of Northern Ireland or Scotland.

Important: As you receive the confirmation invoice, you will be responsible to see if information mentioned therein is correct and notify us about any discrepancy at the earliest. We will not be responsible for any misinformation printed on your ticket(s).

Your Financial Protection

We have kept in place adequate financial safeguards for reservation made for our package holidays. As you buy a TTA protected holiday package with us, you will receive a confirmation invoice confirming your travel arrangements and ensuring your travel protection. In any unlikely event of insolvency, TTA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange adequate refund for the payment that you make. For more on this, you may visit the official website of TTA - www.traveltrust.co.uk

Your Holiday Price

We have the right to change holiday package prices which are mentioned on our website. You will be advised about the current price for the holiday that you request prior to the confirmation of your reservation.

The fares mentioned on Holidays-Thailand cover flights and 7 Night stay for two adults and two children. These include all prepaid fees and taxes.

While you decide to make a booking with us, you will be expected to pay a deposit accordingly. (full prices will be applicable for ticketing time limits and these prices will be advised at the time of your flight booking). You will be given twelve weeks before the departure date to pay the balance, after which, your travel arrangements may be canceled and your deposit forfeited.

Changes related to transportation costs, including fuel costs, landing taxes or airport embarkation/disembarkation fees could be made after the flight booking is completed.


You must pay the balance 12 weeks before your departure or before the due date as prescribed in your confirmation invoice. Your inability to pay the balance amount may lead to cancellation of your booking where you may also end up paying the cancellation charges.

If You Change Your Booking

Where you decide to change your travel arrangements after confirmation invoice has been issued, we will do our best to incorporate such desired changes, but cannot guarantee it. You may place such requests in writing and such changes will attract administration fee of £25.00/person. This will be atop of any costs that we bear for making the required changes. Also note here that these costs may increase as the flight departure date approaches. You may always feel free to contact us for more on this. Note: Some travel arrangements cannot be changed after the reservation has been completed. In such cases, you have to pay 100% of the booking prices to get the desired travel arrangements. You may acquaint yourself with the conditions pertaining to booking cancellation that are mentioned on your confirmation invoice.

Pricing Errors

We make all possible efforts to ensure that the prices mentioned on our website are correct, however, few errors may come up in the process. Where we come across such errors, we will notify you about the same within seven days from the time of booking. Where your booking is not complete, you will have the option of continuing with the same fare if the alternative fare is less than that provided earlier. In case your booking is to be canceled, we will pay the required compensation to be decided according. If there are major changes to be made to your travel well before your departure time, you will be notified about the same as soon as possible. In such a scenario, you may choose to go with an alternate holiday offer that could be of comparable standard. If such a package is available and is of lower value, the price difference would be duly refunded. If you do not find the deal agreeable, you may cancel it and go for the refund. Barring cases of changes due to force majeure, adequate compensation will be arranged.

Force Majeure

Where cancellations or changes are mandated due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, we may not be able to arrange compensation in such cases. These cases include events of the war, terrorist activities, industrial dispute, fire, riot, natural/nuclear disaster, pandemics/epidemics, adverse weather conditions and technical problems related to transport.

Grievance Redressal

You may immediately inform the respective supplier (e.g., hotel, local agent, etc.) for any issue that you face during your holiday. In case your problem is not being resolved locally, you may inform about the same in writing within 28 days of your return journey at Customer Service Department at Holidays Thailand Private Limited, 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT. Also, add your booking reference number and other relevant details. Or you could mail us at complaints@holidays-thailand.co.uk

Note: If you fail to inform us, then we may not be able to look into the matter and may challenge your right as per this agreement.

Our Liability To You

If we or the respective supplier fail to properly honour the contract, adequate compensation will be arranged if it is established that the services being delivered couldn't be properly utilized. But this liability will not extend to cases where we find that non-performance of obligations on your part, or where such discrepancies are unavoidable or unforeseeable, including scenario beyond our control whose consequences may not be avoided in any possible manner.

Except for cases involving death, injury or illness, our liability will be limited to a maximum of 0.5 times the total costs of your travel arrangement. This liability would be limited in line with:

The underlying stipulations of the contract of companies making the necessary travel transportation arrangements. These terms are adequately mentioned in our contract; and

Relevant travel conventions which include the Montreal Convention for air travel, the Berne Convention for rail travel, the Athens Convention for sea travel, and the Paris Convention for accommodation provisions. These international conventions limits the compensation amount to be claimed for death, injury, and delay to passengers.

You may place a request for copies of the relevant international conventions, or the terms of contract of the transport companies from our offices at 85 Great Portland Street, London, England, W1W 7LT. As per the EU law (Regulations 261/2004), you will have the rights in cases of refunds and/or compensation by the airline or where you are not allowed to board the flight, or for cases related to delays or cancellations. EU airports bring out the complete details of such rights or you may obtain them from the airlines concerned. At the same time, in such cases, compensation terms won’t automatically make you eligible for refund of total holiday costs.

Quick Assistance during your stay at Resort

Where the terms of this contract are not honored or are inadequately performed due to failures attributed to a third party unconnected with performance of such services, or because of failures related to unforeseeable or unusual circumstances beyond our control, the results of which couldn’t be avoided even if you take due care, or where even with our total supervision an incident could not be forestalled or foreseen, and where you find yourself at the receiving end in terms of injury or other material losses, we will be there for your quick assistance as would be possible under such circumstances.

Visa, Passport and Immigration Requirements

Your passport, visa requirements, and other travel related formalities will be your own responsibility for which you are required to check with the relevant Embassies or Consulates. Therefore, we can’t be held responsible in cases where you are not allowed to travel due to your non-compliance with respective document requirement.

Note: Customers that do not have passports marked as “British Citizen” will be required to go through the relevant travel requirements with the respective Embassy or Consulate of the country that you are visiting or with the British Foreign Office. You must also ensure about your compliance with the necessary visa and passport requirements and have enough time to possess these documents.

Those travelling via US would be required to carry machine readable passports. Further, even children visiting the United States must possess their own passports. Passports should be valid for at least six months from the end of journey.

Note: If you are visiting the United States, then you can apply for visa before your scheduled departure on this website - https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov (this service may invite some charges)

You may call on 0207 270 1500 or visit the official website of Foreign Commonwealth http://www.fco.gov.uk For latest updates on all visa-related requirements to other places. Further, there might be some latest updates on recommended inoculations for travel. So, we request you to consult your medical practitioner or the respective Consulate or Embassy for these updates. Just make sure to take along all the required inoculations for your travel.


Once your booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation invoice that will include airline details, name of destination airport and flight numbers. It is important to note here that no airline can guarantee flight departure timings that are usually subject to air traffic control restrictions, operational/technical issues and weather conditions. We won;t be liable for any change in arrival/departure time that is mentioned in the confirmation mail. You must confirm the same about 72 hours before the flight departure time. Where the flight is to be delayed, we would not be able to make special arrangements as it is the sole responsibility of the flight carrier or their agents that have the ground handling charges. At the same time, we cannot guarantee preferred seats or any specific aircraft types.


As we are not liable for delays, cancellations, delays/delayed luggage, natural disasters, or industrial disputes, it is made amply clear in this contract that you and other party members will be adequately insured.


If you choose any excursion or other tours while on your holiday, they won’t be included in the holiday package being booked with us. Any contract laying the terms of contract for your exclusive excursion or any other locally booked tour would be with the travel agent providing that excursion. This disclaims our responsibility for any issues that you may face during the course of your excursion.

Medical Problems and Special Requests

For special requests pertaining to inter-connecting rooms, low/high floor, etc., you may notify us about the same at the time of your flight booking. Your request will be taken to the respective supplier, but we may not guarantee these services prior to your departure. Any failure to deliver on such request won’t be seen as breach of contract. You must also notify us in writing about any medical conditions or disabilities that may probably affect your travel arrangements. Where we cannot accommodate your special requirements, we could decline your booking; but at the same time, we will put in every effort to make the necessary arrangements wherever possible.

Ticket Dispatch

You will be receiving an email that will include your e-ticket for the route for which the service is available. E-ticket is an electronically-generated ticket stored in the airline booking system.

Your travel documents will include your transfer voucher, e-ticket, accommodation voucher, etc. We will email these documents after full payment to every member of the party for whom the ticket has been booked in about 10-14 days before flight departure. You may also expect an email itinerary which will be passed onto other members of the party to verify these details as well as their acceptable forms of identification.

Note: Acceptable forms of identification primarily includes passports or other relevant Travel Documents as issued by authorities in lieu of passport.

Credit Cards

Credit cards would be required during hotel check-in or for car rentals. So make sure that at least one member of your party is travelling with an authorized credit card.

No credit or debit card fee will be charged for any kind of transaction from our end.

Map/Distance Disclaimer

The information associated with travel distances or hotel locations on the maps are mentioned for indicative purposes only. Those in need of accommodation proximate to city-center or any particular location may directly check-in through the website of the particular hotel.


Party leader (one booking flights for other members) would be responsible to ensure that no member is involved in any act of misconduct of impropriety that may possibly harm others or risk property damage. Where any such unfortunate situation arises, the suppliers (e.g., hotel, airlines, transfer agent, etc.) will hold the exclusive right to cancel the travel arrangement which in turn will nullify the contract. Further, you won’t be liable for any expenses incurred as a result of your misconduct.

Departure Taxes

Departure taxes won’t be included in your flight ticket. These taxes could be paid at the local level, payable directly to the Government of the country visited. These taxes are generally non-refundable.

Pre-travel advice

Some travel-related information about your travel destination may be issued by the Foreign Common Wealth Travel Advice Unit. Check with this on BBC (Cefax) page 470 or their official website - www.fco.gov.uk.

Telephone Calls

Kindly note here that your telephone calls pertaining to your holiday reservations could be randomly recorded. It allows us to improvise on our service accordingly.

Hotel and Cruise Ship Ratings

All hotel and cruise ratings as published anywhere on our website are only a general guide do not represent any official grading system. Some variations in actual standards falling within same grade in different countries (or even within same country) could be expected. For example, a 5-star hotel in one country may not necessarily have the same standard as a 5-star hotel in a different country.

Hotels and cruise ships that you book here are not exclusive to Holidays-Thailand We will not be responsible if any of the mentioned service or facility is not available for the guests in a hotel or a ship. Further, such facilities and other features may change without prior notifications to Holidays-Thailand. Cabin or room images that you see on our website may not necessarily be the exact representative of the room configuration. For example, a quad room in North America may consist of two double beds and a room for 2, while quad room in Europe have only two single beds. The hotels may also charge an additional fee for extra bed or cot. We expect you to inform us about your request for special requirement at the time of vacation booking. We will forward your request to the respective supplier, but cannot guarantee the same as it do not form a part of our contract.

Carrying Proof of Booking

Make sure to carry along all the necessary documents related to your travel. These include booking confirmation, e-tickets or any other travel document like passport and visa. We will not be liable for cases where the supplier could not render any of the service as booked product or service due to their inability to carry such documents.

Information Shared with Us

Your computer information may be required for analyzing the ad effectiveness. We also collect booking information for any visit to our website and such information is procured on the basis of your browsing activities. This information includes services or products that you book with us. It enables us to deliver effective offers tailored as per the travel needs of our website users. Further, the information may be analysed for measuring entry and exit points to various sections and pages of our site. This is also helpful in analysis of our advertising banners and for employing them effectively. The aggregate of this information could be shared with the third parties and would not be shared as personal information.

You may subscribe to our newsletters to receive promotional e-mails and may also choose to opt out at any point of time by writing to our Data Controller or making a formal request at 'privacy@holidays-thailand.co.uk'.

For processing your booking and arranging the requested services or products, we may share your details to countries outside the UK or the European Economic Area. While submitting your booking request, you consent to let us to use, share or manage your personal information for the required service.

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